Starflex - Star Collection

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Starflex - Star Collection


Starflex -Star Collection
PUR Coated
Size 457.2 x 609.6 mm.

ความหนา 2 มม. ราคาเริ่มต้นที่ตรม.ละ 360 บาท

SC-5717   SC-5718   SC-5723   SC-5727  
SC-5735   SC-5739   SC-5770   SC-5785  






STAR COLLECTION is a flexible homogeneous floor covering in tile form with a mix of colored chips throughout the thickness. With densly compacted surface and PUR coated, it improved wear resistance and ease of maintenance. It is suitable for medium to high traffic areas.

Multipurpose application
Extensive 9 colour ranges for design interiors
Available in 2.0 mm thickness
Ease of installation and maintenance
ADHESIVE White glue recommended

INSTALLATION should be carried in accordance with local standards. Subfloor must be smooth, hard, clean and dry prior to laying

MAINTENANCE should be carried out regularly to retain the appearance and durability of the floor. The floor tiles should be maintained with regular sweeping and mopping, more intense cleaning should be carried out periodically by machine cleaning and polish with Wax for Tiles




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